2004 Olympian Rhadi Ferguson Is Finally Ready To Reveal His Personal And Completely Different Approach To Judo and Grappling That Will Take You From AVERAGE To GREAT In Only A Few Months...

"And I Am So Convinced That ANYONE Can Copy What I Have Done Once They Understand It That I'm Going To Give It To You For Free!"

From The Desk Of: 2004 Olympian Rhadi Ferguson Boca Raton, FL 9:48 pm

Dear Friend:

People ask me all the time, "How'd you do it?"

  • How'd you stop playing judo at the age of 13 and return at 22 and make the Olympic Team?
  • How'd you wrestle in college without having wrestled in high school?
  • How'd you win 4 National Championships in Judo?
  • How did you make the Olympic Team after sustaining a career-ending knee injury 9 months out from the Olympic Trials?
  • How'd you finish your Masters Degree and work on your Ph. D. while you were still competing?
  • How'd you maintain a solid marriage and good family life while you competing and traveling all over the world?
  • How'd you compete in all of the top grappling events in the world (The Olympics, The Abu Dhabi Submission Wrestling World Championships, The Brazilian Jiujitsu World Championships)?

I get asked these questions and many more just like them all the time.

I was getting these questions so often that I just decided to create a package that would answer all the questions and explain how I did it.

So now when people ask me, "How I did it?", my answer is simple.

I tell them that I followed, THE GOLD METTLE PLAN?

Exactly What IS The Gold Mettle Plan?

Well before I answer that. Let me ask you some questions...

Are you looking for a way to quickly improve your judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and grappling skills?

Are you looking to get the "edge" that has been escaping you?

Would you like to get the inside secrets that only the Olympians and World Champions know?

Are you interested in being a better coach, a more supporting parent or athlete?

If you answered YES! To any one of those questions the Gold Mettle Plan is YOUR PERSONAL GRAPPLING SUCCESS SYSTEM.

The Gold Mettle Plan, which is 100% guaranteed to help you improve your grappling game...regardless of your current abilities will allow you to:

  • Discover exactly how the pros seem to effortlessly win nearly every match they play!
  • Finally figure out why you've been losing at the time that you know you should be winning (Hint: Just using one or two of the ultra-effective tactics in "The Gold Mettle Plan" will prevent this from happening ever again)!
  • Discover killer strategies that you can use to slaughter your competition and effortlessly win match after match!
  • Learn the exact steps you need to take to start winning 80-90% (or more) of the competitions you attend!
  • Discover how to CREATE A STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK FOR ACTION so that you can knock down the competition like bowling pins
  • Find out to what extent coaches, friends, family and loved ones should and should not play a part in the your mission towards success
  • Beat your opponents FASTER, EASIER, and IN LESS time than you ever thought possible!

You'll Basically Discover How To Improve Your Skills & Start Winning More and Losing Less AUTOMAGICALLY!

Now I know you're asking yourself, "Will it work for me?"

The answer is YES!

Listen up! It doesn't matter if you're a grappling, judo or submission wrestling 'newbie' or a seasoned grappling pro...

If you've ever wanted to win more and lose less or if you understand that if better is available then "good is not good enough" then you absolutely must check out my revolutionary new grappling improvement package made specifically for Judo, Jiujitsu, Wrestling, and Submission wrestling players, coaches, parents and enthusiasts....

Okay, Rhadi ENOUGH! What is



In short, "The Gold Medal Plan" is a Grappler's Paradise, a Judoka's Utopia, and a Wrestler's Dream improvement package unlike anything else you've ever seen before!

Unlike most of the 'other' grappling improvement resources currently available (like books, CDs, DVDs, etc.), "THE GOLD METTLE PLAN" provides a TOTAL PACKAGE that will help you...

Now You Can Improve Each & Every Aspect Of Your Game - From Start to Finish!

You see, "THE GOLD METTLE PLAN" package isn't just another book, DVDs or piece of software...

It's an entire suite of hard-hitting success strategies consisting of multiple DVDs, Audio CD & ebooks - each focused on developing a specific area of your grappling game!

Here are all of the components to your FREE Gold Mettle Plan Package:


The first component of the “THE GOLD METTLE PLAN” package is called "THE GOLD METTLE PLAN 3 DISC DVD PRESENTATION".  In this section, you'll discover what you should do BEFORE you ever even think about competing in your next match!

The Gold Mettle Plan 3 Disc DVD Presentation is a 90 minute presentation that is essentially like packing up a suitcase and taking and vacation inside of my mind - the mind of an Olympian. Just imagine how valuable it would be to sit down and pick the brain of someone who has traveled all around the world competing, has more certifications that you can shake a stick at, and has lined up against and coached some of the best athletes in the world. It would be invaluable.

Now, it is common knowledge that my phone consults are $450 per hour so at 90 minutes of time you can easily see how this information would be billed at the tune of about $700.00. But there 3 distinct reasons why NO ONE will even allow you to pay to get this information and why they have chosen not to tell you. Nor have they will they take the time to catalog this information and give it away

Reason #1 – Here’s reason #1 why NO ONE and nobody has taken the time to share these secrets with you

First of all it is very painful. As a competitor it truly hurts for me to go back in time in my mind and analyze the points in time when I fell short, when I was weak, when I felt like giving up, when I cried myself to sleep and when the demons of doubt would try to inhabit my mind.

Think about it. The last thing that we want to admit or expose to others are our shortcomings, our weakness, our failures. Who wants to get in front of a room full of people who believe that you always had it together and tell them, “You know, I was a failure and there were times in my life where we really didn’t have it ‘all together.’ As a matter of fact, I felt like quitting.” Nobody wants to give that speech, believe me. It’s difficult when you are at a place where everything is in complete shambles.

And here’s what makes me different from other bozos out there. The bottom line is this - I’ve been there. I’ve worked hard. Sweated and trained. Lifted and ran. Practiced and suffered. Planned and prepared. And did it all – only to come up short in the end. And it was so frustrating that sometimes


If you ever want to see what a depression looks like – just attend any Olympic Trials in the world and talk to the person who just missed making the Olympic team after dedicating their whole life to such a noble cause. (You do understand that the Olympics only comes around every 4 years.) That my friends is the pain and anguish that I NEVER want anyone to experience if they don’t have to – because I already have.

When I prepare my products and when I prepared the Gold Mettle Plan, I did so with the intent of you never having to experience that deep pain and anguish.

I would just sit down in a puddle of my own tears, scratch my head and wonder, “What more can I do?” And that’s when it hit me. I decided to lay all of my experiences out and have professionals from various fields look at my plans and preparations so that they could tell me where the “holes” were and the things that I was missing. It was amazing and quite expensive, but I accomplished so much more after I was willing to invest in my career and after I received the knowledge necessary to win.

Reason #2 – Here’s reason #2 why NO ONE and nobody has taken the time to share these secrets with you

First of all, there aren’t any high level athletes that are going to share this with you because they don’t want you to have it and get an increased advantage or edge. And there are two reasons why coaches won’t tell you. One reason is because 97% of coaches don’t know the secrets inside of the Gold Mettle Plan. And the ones that do know it, will only share it with a select athlete or group of athletes that they believe have potential or promise.


Everyone has the potential to be a champion. Some are champions in sport and some are champions in life, but everybody CAN BECOME a champion. Some coaches forget this aspect of coaching while they are looking for the medal. The winning isn’t in acquisition of the medal, the winning is in the pursuit of the medal attaining “Gold Mettle”.

Reason #3 – Here’s reason #3 why NO ONE and nobody has taken the time to share these secrets with you

Listen up and read this very carefully: THERE IS MORE TO PREPARATION THAN GOING TO THE GYM AND GETTING ON THE MAT! PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS! Everybody works out and trains on the mat. EVERYBODY! The secret lies in what occurs off the mat and outside of the gym. That’s what I’m trying to give to you.

“5:30 CONCEPT” 3 DISC AUDIO Program

In the Gold Mettle Plan “5:30 Concept” 3 Disc Audio Program is a true “Gold Mine”.

I thought that this conversation was just one of those great conversations that was lost forever. One night after finishing up a phone consult, I decided to call one of my wrestling friends at the Olympic Training Center. It just so happened that I called my friend after I finished a phone consult and the recorder was still running and I was super excited!!

Just imagine that you had the opportunity to sit down and hear Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson talk about the secrets of how to win at basketball. As a basketball player such information would be priceless. Why? Because first of all, you’d never get that opportunity to be in that situation. And secondly, these guys are tried and true bona fide experts in their field.

Well, that is exactly what you have in the 5:30 Concept “lost” recordings. The conversation is an absolute treasure chest of ideas, strategies and philosophical approaches to winning. It is a “real deal” behind-the-scenes peek at what high level athletes talk about and amongst each other when you’re not around.

This is candid and off-the-cuff. My son was in the background; I was cooking, washing dishes and eating. I didn’t even know this was being recorded until midway through the call.

THIS CONVERSATION ALONE is one that YOU DON’T want to miss out on. This conversation and ones like this are the things which you NEVER get exposed too. Never!

2004 Olympian Rhadi Ferguson and former Iowa State Wrestler and elite athlete Dr. Ron Groves will provide you with an insider’s view of how to prepare and from their candid conversation you will:

  • Uncover the importance of maintaining a high level of psychological readiness and what you must do in order to attain and maintain such readiness
  • Discover the secret behind the 5:30 concept. You’ll be surprised what 1976 Olympic Gold Medalist Howard Davis said about the 5:30 concept
  • Hear the key lesson that I learned from 2000 Olympic Gold Medalist Brandon Slay
  • Get the one thing that is causing success to elude you, but the great news is we can show you how to fix that problem
  • Get your hands on how you can ELIMINATE the idea that you could possibly lose
  • Listen to us as we discuss the SHOCKING truth about the concept of fatigue
  • Find out how some shortcuts will bite you in the @$$ later
  • Discover how to eliminate the “holes” in your game
  • How to invoke and INJECT discipline into your life
  • The number one thing that you need to submit to, if you want to win!
  • Discover the BIGGEST error in sports that YOU constantly make and don’t even know it. And then I’ll show you how you can permanently eliminate the chance of you making it ever again. This one thing alone will boost your success rate to unforeseen level

And so much more…

The Gold Mettle Plan “5:30 Concept” 3 Disc Audio Program is a true “Gold Mine”.

I thought that this conversation was just one of those great conversations that was lost forever. One night after finishing up a phone consult, I decided to call one of my wrestling friends at the Olympic Training Center. It just so happened that I called my friend after I finished a phone consult and the recorder was still running and I was super excited!!

Luckily, you won't have to worry about making the BIGGEST error in sports after you listen to these 3 Audio CDs.


Component #3: THE S.W.O.T. ANALYSIS

This 2 Disc Audio Program covers what I would call the most SIGNIFICANT AND LIFE CHANGING information that I used to improve my success on the mat. If I had to put my finger on “one thing” that really caused me to jumpstart my progress and start leaving my competition in the dust – it was this.

Having this information was the main reason why I did not worry about losing or getting beat by people in practice. I knew once I did the things which I cover on these Audio CDs that my competition would be DEAD-MEAT!!!

This 2 Disc Audio Program covers (in great detail) exactly how to play prepare for competition most effectively...if YOU don’t have this and if you don’t do the things that I mention on these Audios CD then you have lost before you even begin to prepare.

Not only will I tell you exactly what a S.W.O.T. analysis is. I will also tell you exactly how to do one...


  • How to Exploit Your Superiority
  • How to Identify and Exploit Your Opponent’s Weaknesses
  • The enormous benefits on NOT BEING NUMBER ONE
  • Why being number one is easy, and why staying NUMBER ONE is difficult
  • What you can do when you are unable to access resources and money

Component #4: The “Fly-on-the-wall” Tele-coaching Call With Rhadi Ferguson 2 Disc Audio Program

In this dynamic 2 Disc Audio Program you will literally have the opportunity to sit in on one of my Coaching Consultation phone calls.

  • How to plan out your workout schedule
  • Why you have to “lay down the law” on your
  • Why you should live in dream world!
  • How to stop yourself from being old and bitter
  • Why You Should Do What You Want To Do RIGHT NOW!!

In The Gold Mettle Plan, You’ll get all this and so much more...


"I wish he would have developed this a couple of years ago..."

The Gold Mettle Plan succeeds on two levels. For beginners, it offers clear, comprehensive guide to success in the sports of grappling and in the areas of career management. And for the professional it is a valuable back-to-basics tool that should be given a prominent slot in the DVD, Book, and CD collection.

As an Olympian I can tell you right now that Rhadi has cataloged, captured and packaged the things that are essential for your success in The Gold Mettle Plan. I wish he would have developed this a couple of years ago, it would have saved me a lot of headaches (and backaches). I can honestly say that I use these same strategies right now and I’m looking forward to making the 2008 Olympic Team and securing a medal at the Games using The Gold Mettle Plan

Taraje Williams-Murray
2004 Olympian
4-Time National Judo Champion
2005 World Team Member
2007 World Team Member


"Rhadi's approach to training is intelligent, determined, disciplined and has certainly helped me succeed..."

I would recommend Rhadi Ferguson’ products because he is gonna take the spookism out of training and give you some real hard analysis, homework and, stuff to work on. Because bottom line for the average BJJ guy is this, we joined bjj because we wanted to do a martial art where hard work and discipline could overcome raw athleticism. I can honestly say that Rhadi’s approach to training is intelligent, determined, disciplined and has certainly helped me succeed.

David C. Muhammad
Houston Texas


"He has made a definite and positive impact in my life, thanks Rhadi, for showing and proving  that I can make the seemingly impossible,  possible..."

What can be said of a man like Rhadi Ferguson? Well, I'll tell you what cannot be said.  You cannot say that he is unwilling to share his vast knowledge with those that request it.  You cannot say that his methods are ineffective.  You cannot say that his approach is not the most professional currently available to the grappling community. I'd like to inform anyone that is currently reading this that I'm an over 40 married father of two sons, Rhadi has assisted me in breathing new life in my training, instructing me in maximizing  the gains from the minimal amount of time I have to train. He has made a definite and positive impact in my life, thanks Rhadi, for showing and proving  that I can make the seemingly impossible,  possible.

C. Everett
Judo Black Belt
Brazilian Jiujitsu Brown Belt
New York


"UFC Fighter Karo “The Heat” Parisyan ..."

“I was just at Rhadi’s house recently while we were going over my training program and he was busy beyond belief. I could see his mind racing so I asked him, “What’s up bro.?” He said that he was preparing a revolutionary package that was going to change the world of judo and grappling. Of course when he said it, “I laughed”. But then he showed me portions of The Gold Mettle Plan, and I had to immediately tell him, “Bro. this is the -----!! This is the stuff that grapplers really need to know. All the stuff that we did on the mat today was good, but this is the stuff that you need to win. When I lose its usually because I didn’t follow some of the things that are in the Gold Mettle Plan.

Rhadi Ferguson has put together a great package for you if you are interested in going to the top. I’m telling right now that this is some cutting edge stuff!

Karo “The Heat” Parisyan
UFC Fighter


"more inspiring guidance from one of the only guys who 'gets it'..."

more inspiring guidance from one of the only guys who 'gets it'. Whenever I am feeling down, lazy or whipped, I listen to the 5:30am concept, and I go right back to work.

Integrated Performance Coaching


"my game has skyrocketed, the other players in my club can't believe how much I have improved in such a short time..."

The Gold Mettle Plan is the Bomb. I am a Judoka who did Judo as a teenager and then took a 14 year layoff. I came back to Judo two and a half years ago and earned my brown belt, finally. I had given up on the idea of competing in Judo and I was fine with that. I assisted my Sensei with teaching the kids' classes on Saturdays. I had gotten back in shape, and my techniques had gotten sharper (from teaching the kids) which got me thinking about competing, about testing myself.

But I did not have the experience to compete. As a kid, I had competed in three tournaments and got two silver medals. If I were to go to a tournament as an adult, I would be a FRC and embarrass my club. Enter Rhadi Ferguson. I had heard about him and decided to give the Inner Realm a try. I was impressed and then decided to get the Grind. Now, my game has skyrocketed, the other players in my club can't believe how much I have improved in such a short time.

The Inner Realm put me in the mindset of a winner, the Grind showed me what high level competition is all about. I vicariously absorbed Rhadi's expriences and used it to make me top dog in my club. But I still haven't competed outside of my club. Now the Gold Mettle Plan comes along. If I had one word to describe the GMP, it would be comprehensive.

It ties everything together. From pre-competition mistakes to scouting reports to SWOT Analysis to 5:30 Concept. Wow. I may not become an Olympian like Rhadi Ferguson, but it has given me the confidence to compete in my first competition in 16 years. It has improved my coaching, and it has raised the level of my game. It is as the name suggests, a plan. If you follow it, adapt it to you, you can not help but to improve. Thank you Rhadi..

Frank Russell


"The Gold Mettle Plan is not just a plan for winning a gold medal..."

The Gold Mettle Plan is not just a plan for winning a gold medal in judo, it's a plan for winning in all phases of life. If you apply the 5AM secret and the SWOT analysis to all the problems you encounter in life, you will solve them eventually. SWOT is used by almost all Fortune 500 businesses to plan their strategies. If businesses successfully use it to fend off their competition (and competition is extremely cut-throat in the business world), you'll be able to successfully use SWOT in Judo and other aspects of your life.

Nick Flor


"The Gold Mettle plan spells out key truths..."

The Gold Mettle plan spells out key truths that it takes to become a disciplined athlete and member of society, and will help me to achieve my goals! Thanks Rhadi!

Bob Conroy


"The Gold Mettle plan was something truly unexpected..."

The Gold Mettle plan was something truly unexpected. I have grown to expect great things from Rhadi, but this was beyond my expectations. I can't see how someone would be disappointed in ordering the set. Remember the saying "Those who can, do, and those who can't, teach"? Well, this truly isn't the case. Rhadi is that rare practitioner and scholar, as he puts it. The esteemed Schola-titioner.

Rogelio "Bozo" Avelino


"The Gold Mettle Plan provides a concise roadmap on how to become a WORLDCLASS athlete..."

Success never happens by accident. Competitors can be lucky at local and state levels, but to consistently perform at a higher levels (national and international), one needs a plan. The Gold Mettle Plan provides a concise roadmap on how to become a WORLDCLASS athlete. The information is there all you need to do is implement it and you WILL achieve higher competitive levels than ever before. Rhadi Ferguson is providing an awesome service for American Judo. I have been implementing these principles into my coaching. I can see excitement in my competitors because we are now heading into new territory. We do have a compass with the Gold Mettle Plan. Thank you Rhadi for this valuable information..

Richard Wagner


"packed with no nonsense information..."

Being that I work as a Physician I tend to be extremely busy and as a result the first casualty is my training. At this moment I have only gotten through half of "The Gold Mettle Plan" and found it to be packed with no nonsense information that I have found useful in not only maximizing my training, but has shown to me to look at competition from a different perspective. At this time I have only fought in one competition and placed third. Most likely because I approached the tournament with the wrong attitude. I have a competition coming up I look forward to implementing "The Gold Mettle Plan" and see how I do..

Daniel Fajardo MD PhD


"Rhadi Ferguson is to be highly commended for the creation of the Gold Mettle Plan..."

Rhadi Ferguson is to be highly commended for the creation of the Gold Mettle Plan which will be an excellent addition to the library of every serious martial artist.

Martin ONeill MSC, Full Instructor
Jun Fan Gung Fu Jeet Kune Do


"priceless information..."

Rhadi, thank you for providing all the priceless information in the Gold Mettle Plan. I am a BJJ blue belt living in Holland. I put the 5:30 concept into action and I am reaping the benefits already on and of the matt. My energy level has never been this high during sparring matches and I just started using this information for 2 weeks. I am looking forward to my next tournament. I really think this is a golden investment in myself.

Thank you
Gordon Cheung


"The Gold Mettle Plan should be called the Gold Mine Plan..."

The Gold Mettle Plan should be called the Gold Mine Plan 'cause that's what it is.... a gold mine. Great for athletes AND coaches. The purpose of a teacher is to help the student travel the road faster or pick up more along the way then they did when they traveled it. That is just what the Gold Mettle Plan does, it allows you to benefit from the experience of those who went before you and not allow you to fall into the same pitfalls they did. AWESOME!

Jeff Baldwin


"I feel like I have robbed you..."

I have been treated to many of your products and have always felt satisfied that it was a good purchase. But after going through the material in the Gold Mettle Plan, I feel like I have robbed you. The motivational audio sets and the hard core feel of the 5:30 Concept Audio CD alone is enough to warrant the price of the entire set. I used the energy and focus I gained from your set to help me prepare for the Pan Ams this year and haven't look back since. It has given me a whole new sense of focus and determination to my workouts and I feel that I will only get better in the future. Thank you for taking the time to share this powerful product with all of your fans..



" I gained a focused mental attack from the Gold Mettle Plan..."

I gained a focused mental attack from the Gold Mettle Plan. I'm a 35yr old Judoka with 2yrs experience in Judo and limited competition experience. I will admit I still get nervous befor every competition, even class shia. Well, this program helped me harness that nervous energy. The more I followed the guidance in this program the less nervous I felt concerning the upcoming tournament I was training for.

I replaced emotionalism with logical mental preparation. It has been a long time since I've been this prepared for anything. I'm not saying this program will make you win all your matches; however, if your heads screwed on right you will feel like a winner and have no regrets.

This program will carry over into other parts of your life as well. I guarantee it. This program had a profound effect on me and it's only the beginning. I am a return customer and this is my favorite program thus far. I'm conflicted giving this testimonial. There is part of me that believes in the Mutual Welfare and Benefit to endors this product whole hardly. The selfish side of me wants to keep it to myself and win and maybe one day beat whoever is reading this. Thank you Rhadi Ferguson.

Very Respectfully,
Andrew Stutts

WARNING: Due to the potency of the information in the Gold Mettle Plan there will only be a limited number these FREE packages released. After the 240 FREE Packages are Gone the price will be SIGNIFICANTLY bumped up!

If you had to purchase everything included in this package separately, you would probably spend at least $1397.00 (if not more). My consulting rates are at $450.00 per hour, so The Gold Mettle Plan Telecoaching call alone would be $450.00 and if you throw the 90 Minute Gold Mettle Plan Presentation on top of that, you're talking about another cool $597.00 And if you just kick it up a notch and add the S.W.O.T. Analysis, then you are easily looking at another $297.00. All together that's $1344 and I didn't even include the "lost recordings" of "5:30 Concept" which would retail easily for $297.00.

So all together The Gold Mettle Plan is easily worth $1641.00

Just think, you will get your hands on my most prized possession, my intellectual property. I will hand you the on and off the mat success strategies that I used in order to become one of the best grapplers and judo players in the world.

Just think, you will get your hands on my most prized possession, my intellectual property. I will hand you the on and off the mat success strategies that I used in order to become one of the best grapplers and judo players in the world.

$1641.00 !!!! Rhadi, you've got to be crazy, that's just $%%#$ RIDICULOUS!!

You know what, you're right it is. I should ask for more or better yet, I should just continue to hide this priceless information and hold it back like everyone else is doing, but I won't. Unlike many others, I care about you and your personal development. And I don't want to see you frustrated, upset, hurt or confused about what it takes to be the best. So because I've gotten soft since I've retired and become a father, here's what I'll do for you...

You won't pay $1641.00 (or even $941.00 ) today. Not even close!

In fact, if you get your Gold Mettle Plan today, you'll get everything included with this incredible package for FREE.

And just to sweeten the pot here's what I'll do for you if you order right now

I'll throw in these 6 Bonuses. These are only for the fast-acters

Immediate Action Bonus #1:


This is the perfect companion to the Gold Mettle Plan. This 98 page Quick Start guide will illuminate some of the dark areas of your grappling game and show you exactly what you need to do. The following topics are covered:

  • Pre-Competition Mistakes
  • Coaching After a Loss
  • Exploding The Myths of How To Win
  • How To Improve Your Judo without Doing Judo
  • How To Walk On The Mat Prepared

And so much more

(A $97 Value, but yours FREE if you Sign up today)


Immediate Action Bonus #2:


This literally goes hand in hand with the Telecoaching Call. This manual will allow you to get a more in-dept understanding of the information that is being provided to my client. You will also be able to add your own notes as you develop your personal game plan. This is an awesome addition to your library of tools.

(A $79 Value, but yours FREE if you Sign up today)


Immediate Action Bonus #3:


In this Immediate Action Bonus Manual, you will:

  • Discover why the Champions are practicing at the time which they practice and why you should too!!
  • Acquire the quick and easy fix that Lloyd Irvin gave me when I told him that, “I didn’t have any money” - this is the secret to training even when you are broke
  • Find out how you can ensure and damn-near guarantee success
  • Unearth the main reason why people retire
  • Read The NUMBER ONE thing that athletes need more than anybody else
  • Discover the technique that you need beyond the mat

Get all of this and more inside of The Gold Mettle Plan 5:30 Transcription Manual

(A $87 Value, but yours FREE if you Sign up today)


Immediate Action Bonus #4:


After reading this transcription manual you will have an in-depth understanding of how and why you MUST put a S.W.O.T. Analysis together and you will also find another secret way to perform the analysis which will allow you to suck out even more information about your competition.

(A $79 Value, but yours FREE if you Sign up today)


Immediate Action Bonus #5:


This manual is a textual layout of the Gold Mettle Plan Presentation with a “notes” section for you to clearly jot down the important things which you need to attend to in order to boost your success rate.
In this manual you will:

  • Discover the FIRST THING THAT YOU SHOULD DO when you decide that you want to be a winner. Not doing this will make your desires nothing more than a gamble
  • Find out exactly how I was able to navigate life’s “bumps in the road” and still get on the Olympic Team

Get this and much more in The Gold Mettle Plan Transcription Manual

(A $87 Value, but yours FREE if you Sign up today)


Immediate Action Bonus #6:


For Coaches and Parents, this may be the best part of the Immediate Action Bonuses. Why? Because I am going to give you the complete Power Point Presentation that you will see on the DVDs in this manual. That means you can use this same presentation in front of your students or at home with your children.

You can pick and choose what you like from the presentation and share this information with other.

This information, which people shell out hundreds of dollars for is yours for Free, if you order today. This is worth is weight in gold!

(A $179 Value, but yours FREE if you Sign up today)

There could only be a couple of reasons why you are hesitating on getting this package right now. So let me eliminate your doubt by answering some of your questions:

Yeah, Rhadi, The Gold Mettle Plan Looks Great, But Don't You Think It Costs Too Much?

I'm not sure how much success costs, but I know that failure is very expensive. And if you aren't willing to make the necessary investments for improvement then I'm not sure what I can do for you. I've packaged over $2000.00 worth of information in The Gold Mettle Plan just for you. If you tried to set up an appointment with me equal to the 4.5 hours of running time of the DVDs and Audio CDs in The Gold Mettle Plan, that would run you $2025.00 alone - NOT INCLUDING THE downloadable Manuals!!

As a matter of fact, I challenge you to find any Olympian, World Champion or high level grappler and contact them and ask them to spend 4 and half hours with them because you would like to know, "How they did it?"

One of two things are going to happen. They are either going to

  1. Blow you off or
  2. Tell you something like, "you just gotta train hard." And then they are going to be gone.

    Nobody and I mean nobody has let you or will let you on the inside like this!

Yes. Rhadi, I think I already know this stuff!

Well great, then don't get this, and when you find your friends stickin' it to you in practice, and when you find yourself frustrated beyond belief, and when you look back and ask yourself if you did everything you could to get better - you'll wonder why you didn't take me up on this offer. But when you come back it will be more expensive or it will be sold out!

I guarantee that you don't know preparation like this.

Yes. Rhadi, Can You Guarantee that I will Improve?

Without a doubt. If you do what simply layout for you to do and heed my advice in The Gold Mettle Plan I whole-heartedly guarantee that you will improve on and off the mat. I would give you a money back Guarantee, but I can't because its FREE

But here's the bottom line...if you use my strategies in the Gold Mettle Plan you will improve. Look, There's NO-RISK for you. All the risk is on me.

Any other questions?

Yes. I'm Just A Recreational Grappler, Is This For Me?

The Gold Mettle Plan is for anyone who is SERIOUS about improving at any level. I'm sure that you have several reasons why you go to practice and one of them is because you want to learn how you can get better. Well, if you serious about learning, getting better and becoming more efficient and productive, then this is for you. But its only for you if you are SERIOUS about improving.

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Yes. Rhadi, my child is thirteen years old and he's around the same age as the other children at our dojo. Would the Gold Mettle Plan be something good for my kid?

That is a great question! The answer is, YES!! And just like you guide a young person to help them navigate life's road, so should you do the same with The Gold Mettle Plan. That means that The Gold Mettle Plan would be great for YOU and YOUR club. The Gold Mettle Plan is VERY helpful and has been VERY helpful to parents, athletes and coaches. It is really something that you should watch, review, and revisit with your students and children. Furthermore, The Gold Mettle Plan isn't something that you will just watch and listen to one time. You will get something new EVERY time you review The Gold Mettle Plan. You, your child and your club will find out that there is something more that you can do to improve. This is a weapon that you want to have in your arsenal.

Any other questions?

Yes! Rhadi, How Do I Get Started?

I'm glad you asked, all you have to do to get your hands on The Gold Mettle Plan is choose on of the following options of investment and you can get your hands on all of this:

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