"Who Ever Told You That You Can't Get Strong, Lose Weight, Get Healthy and Feel Great With Bodyweight Exercises Is Full Of Crap!! I Am Going To Show You Exactly How I Work Out At Home And How You Can Work Out At-Home, With No Equipment, No Gym Fees And Limited Space..Best of All I will Show You How All For FREE"
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Rhadi Ferguson releases new Bodyweight
fitness DVD called "Working Out With Rhadi"
that you can do anywhere, anytime and without any equipment
Dear Fitness Enthusiast:
Hello, my name is Rhadi Ferguson and maybe you've seen me on television most recently during the preparation for Jeff Monson's UFC fight or you may have one of my workout DVDs in your home, or you may have attended a seminar where I've presented. Whatever the case, you know that I'm on-the-go, so in order for me to stay in shape and chiseled I MUST workout.

Well, I've been getting a lot of emails from people who love some of my workout DVDs but they say that they are just pressed for time and I can understand that. And they say that some of the DVDs are just too advanced - and I understand that too. And most importantly they are strapped for cash with the raising of these doggone gas prices. So getting back and forth to the gym just isn't possible. And if you have a family, like me - FORGET about it!! So I decided to take care of all of those problems.

So what I decided to do is to let you all inside of my world. Basically in my home. I am going literally give you some of the same workouts that I perform at home that DO NOT require any equipment, that DO NOT require any balls, bands, dumbbells or anything. And this workout can literally be done in your living room. So if you have limited space then you will absolutely love this workout.
Before I tell you about my At-Home Workout let me tell you how you know if it's for you:
If you are interested in how you can combine cardiovascular training, strength training, power training and dynamic flexibility training - ALL IN ONE WORKOUT - to turn your body into a Calorie Burning Blowtorch
If you want to know how you can get in great shape without even leaving your house
If you would like to Have an Olympian personally show you exactly what he does at his home to stay in great shape
If you want to look so good that your friend will turn green with envy
If you want to look better, feel better and live longer and live a healthier life
If you are looking for a quick, intense and functional workout that you can perform at home
If you are a beginner and you don't know exactly "where to start" then this workout is for you. I know how overwhelming the gym can be, but I can walk you through the workout right at home
If you are an avid exerciser and you are looking for a challenging workout - then with my recommended "tweaks and changes" you can kick start this workout from '0 to 60' in no time at all
If you are a personal trainer and you are looking for some new protocols to provide your clients, then you can take the ones that I use at home and take them to the gym
If you are interested in developing rocket launching legs, a tight core, and a strong and fit upper body
If you are in the military and you are looking for "fire up your troops" then you need this
If you are stationed on an aircraft, ship or submarine with limited space then this workout will definitely fit your needs
If you travel and spend a couple of hours during the week "on-the-road" and in hotel rooms
If you are interested in working out, LOSING weight and getting your body super-toned and super fit
If you are interested in the super-simple abdominal workout that I used to get, keep and maintain my 6-pack, then you want to grab this DVD now! And the funny thing is - I hate training my abs so I don't like to spend a lot of time on them and you won't have to either
If you are interested in ACCELERATING your fitness levels and Skyrocketing your metabolism, and getting in some ridiculous shape

If you are interesting in SAVING money and SAVING time!

In my new DVD "Working Out With Rhadi" you will DISCOVER how you can workout from home and accelerate your fitness levels and turn your body into a machine without even leaving your house.

Let's face it getting up in the morning, packing a bag, and burning up gas to head to the gym is a headache. And if you are like 87% of most of us then you have a gym membership that you don't even use! Why? I'll tell you why. Because you are just like me - YOU Don't have time! Your schedule is full!

Look at this. Here what a typical "gym person" has to go through in order to get to the gym:

"I have never been in better shape year round than...
I come from the old school of high volume training with heavy lifts. I have competed in bodybuilding and placed in the top three of every show. When I was first introduced to this type of training my first thought is "this is for the girls". I have combined all of the elements you have shared with me and fused it into my own personal workouts. I have never been in better shape ye
- Mike Duarte
"Rhadi hit the mark..."
According to Rhadi, he can get you in great shape with NO SPACE, NO TIME, and NO EQUIPMENT with his video "Working Out With Rhadi: The At-home Workout" With complex schedules being pulled between work, family, and everything else, it would be nice to find such a workout. But, the problem with the past was, nothing seemed to ever live up to its claims. I have to say with this video, Rhadi hit the mark. The video quality itself would probably not score high on most peoples lists, but you ever heard not to judge a book by its cover? Well, in this case, after the workout, you would definitely know what I am talking about. This is a core strength workout that can be completed in minimal time, I am talking about 10 minutes your first time through. Don't think that is long enough for a good hard workout? Well, think again...we have been using this workout for a few weeks now in our judo classes, and the claims are true...no space, no time and no equipment! This workout can easily be incorporated to club warm-ups, at home, even on the road if you travel with work like myself. Now, if I can just get THROUGH the entire workout, maybe I will write more...for now, just do yourself a favor and get his video "Working Out With Rhadi: The At-home Workout"
- JM Darter and The Judo Podcast Team
"I have noticed an enormous increase in over all body strength and power..."
I began training with Rhadi to strengthen my shoulder. After about 2 weeks and I have noticed an enormous increase in over all body strength and power and my shoulder has not bothered me at all. Students at my Jiu Jitsu school who normally tap me out with ease, can not any longer. This program is unbelievable I can only imagine how much stronger and functionally better I will become thanks to Rhadi."
- Brian Torchin
"These are the kinds of workouts I've been looking for..."
"Brutal and down and dirty. These are the kinds of workouts I've been looking for for a long time. No fluff, just getting it done the way it needs to be. Thank you so much and keep 'em coming."
- Aaron Smith
"Rhadi Ferguson is a genius..."
"Rhadi Ferguson is a genius when it comes to strength and conditioning"
- Howard Davis
1976 Olympic Gold Medalist
"I like how you "cut str8 to the chase"..."
Just wanted to congratulate you and thank you for putting out such a good workout DVD.

I find it really easy to use. I like how you "cut str8 to the chase" and get on with the workout right away. Moreover, I think its a superb idea to have your wife on there doing the low impact/low intensity versions of the protocols. I think she adds "realism" for the common user because some people may find it hard to relate from an "Olympic athletes" perspective.

Because its so easy and fast its allowed me time to complete 2 a days in my basement and has really helped me cut some weight.
- Thanks again Rhadi!!
Wayne Green
Traveling time - to and from the gym
40 minutes
Looking for a parking space at the health club, finding a locker and putting your stuff in your locker and talking and exchanging greetings
10 minutes
Total time wasting because you are waiting for some nitwit to finish using the equipment that YOU need to use
20 minutes
Over an hour of WASTED TIME!! And forget about circuit training the gym. That's d@mn near impossible. If you walk away for a machine, dumbbell, bench or mat - it's gone - I mean POOF! Like magic. Your workout on that piece of equipment is now over and that is frustrating. And I don't know about you, but I don't go to the gym to get frustrated. So I just walk outside in my backyard or stretch out in my living room and workout - STRESS FREE!
At One Time I Believed That The Best Functional Way To Train Was With The
Olympic Lifts - Boy Was I Wrong!!
I think that the Olympic Lifts are functional for Olympic Weightlifters, just as I think that running 10 miles is functional for a marathon runner, but if you want to get in some great shape in a fun, functional and pain free environment - then let me show you. Because I've worked-out wrong when I was younger and it wasn't until I got older and wiser in my profession that I realized that there is more than one way to skin-a-cat.
Why Should I Listen To You?
I Well unlike some of those other nuts out there who claim to be fitness experts, I'm 100% legit. I'm a world class strength and conditioning professional and as a matter of fact in 2006 I presented at the National Strength And Conditioning Association's national conference on the topic "Bodyweight Training for The Modern Gladiator". So when it comes to Bodyweight Training I not only know my stuff I'm an authority on Bodyweight Training. I'm also an Olympian in the Sport of Judo and Brazilian Jiujitsu Black belt and I train and train with some of the top athletes in the country and in the world. And because I travel a great deal, I can't always make it to practice, but that doesn't stop me from being in great shape because of my At-Home Workout!

When I was traveling all around the world competing, my workouts when I was out of the country consisted of nothing by bodyweight exercises - and I was strong as a brickhouse. It never dawned on me that I maintained my strength while I was traveling and I didn't even touch a weight.
Are You Trying To Tell Me That You Can Get Me
Into Great Shape If I Work Out With You?
That's exactly what I'm telling you. Right now if you want me to personally train you - you are looking at a fee of $250 and hour and that's live or via phone consult. And that rate also extends toward the time that I have to sit down and structure and design your program - which is an extensive process. But now, I am going to literally hand you some of the workout protocols that I perform at home and basically walk you through my At-Home Workout and you can use my protocols and make the workout as simple or as hard as you would like it. If I'm trying to get in great shape then I make some minor "tweaks and changes" to my workout and it fits my needs exactly!
With My DVD "Working Out With Rhadi"I Will Train You Personally, From My Home
But if all that doesn't influence you to jump on this workout right now then I hope this will. If you exercise or if you don't make SURE that you exercise right now and that you make sure that you are exercising correctly!!
Here's The SHOCKING News That I Discovered
After A Routine Trip To The Doctor's Office For A Physical
After a routine physical my doctor was somewhat concerned about my blood pressure so he had me go through a battery of tests. I was then diagnosed with hypertension and he said that if I didn't get it under control, I would take some years off my life. Now, this had to be the weirdest thing. I'm in great shape, so I thought? I was in great shape, but with kicking out over 15 DVDs, 20 Audio CDs, having a 7 month old running around and working on a dissertation, while running around the country doing seminars - things got somewhat stressful.

I was so stressed that my doctor diagnosed me with high blood pressure and…….
The Doctor Told Me That I Was Going To Have To Take Blood
Pressure Pills For The Rest Of My Life! I Told Him - No Way!
Before I knew it my doctor was writing me a prescription for high blood pressure. And IMMEDIATELY I said, "I am NOT taking blood pressure medicine for the rest of my life!" So I changed my workout and my diet. I started working out at home which reduced my travel time, reduced my stress, and placed me in an environment where I could work out, grab something to drink and take a shower. It also saved me time and gas which saved me money. I changed my diet and stopped drinking coffee and taking in salt and now my blood pressure is lower than ever!!
The time that I lost going to the gym I could now convert into a Power Nap!.....
and that equals - LESS STRESS!
I had to make some radical changes in my life. The first thing that I did is stop going to the gym Right off the bat. That immediately cut down on my stress levels. And then I started working out at home. Heck, I'm one of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the world, I know that you don't NEED to lift weights to get in shape, you just have to know what to do. So, I design my own workouts at home now, and guess what? After working out at home for 6 weeks and changing up my diet. My blood pressure is back to normal and I don't have to take those damn pills anymore!!

And my weight is great and I can still get on the mat and hang with the big dogs!
Believe me when I tell you that YOU CAN workout from home
and get in great shape.
Especially if you workout with me!
I'm one of the chief consultants for the strength and conditioning of some of today's top mixed martial arts fighters. I also train a select group of client in other areas of athletics and I have very few clients due to the demands for my time, but I really want to create a way so that everyone has access to a healthy lifestyle and challenging, but simple and easy to use workouts that don't require any equipment.
But just in case you still don't think this is for you. My wife used this same
workout after she had our son and she lost 40 pounds in 4 months and now is
the same size that she was in high school!!!!
Right now I bet you wanna know how much it costs, but the honest truth is that it is almost impossible to put a price tag on this type of information. The information that I'm providing to you on these DVDs and Audio CD are without a doubt worth hundreds of dollars, not to mention I've given you an all access pass inside my home. The asking price of this package is easily $179. I mean look, you get to have me walk you through the workout, and then I coach my wife through the workout while making some minor "tweaks and changes" and then I tell you exactly how to make the changes so you can do the workout for years to come. That alone is ridiculous. But what's even more crazy is this…I'm going to give you - my DVD "Working Out With Rhadi - the At-home Workout" for just pennies on the dollar for a limited time because I want for you to get in phenomenal shape. At the end of the day, I want for you to be healthy and strong.

So take advantage of the time sensitive offer and get your DVD "Working Out With Rhadi" which features my At-Home Workout for only $29 FREE!

Here's A Sneak Peak Just For You...

"very easy to do with limited time, space, and equipment..."
I thought the workout was practical, and is very easy to do with limited time, space, and equipment. I like how it is broken into separate sections for upper, legs core etc
Paul Wade
"The workout is versatile..."
Working Out With Rhadi is a fine DVD. The workout is versatile, and can be made as easy or difficult as necessary. It can be done anywhere, with no equipment and very little space; I'm very pleased with it.
V. Messner
"Working Out With Rhadi DVD gave me a great alternative to my normal routine..."
I'm a competitive MMA/Submission Grappler and I do some intense exercise to keep my cardio up for the high demands imposed on my game. Working Out With Rhadi DVD gave me a great alternative to my normal routine and was very surprised by how challenging it was. His methods are very innovative and his exercises fit perfectly into my previous circuits. I even got my old mother into some of the routine as well, how's that for versatility?!
Krishna Mirjah
"Working Out With Rhadi is the real deal..."
This DVD is the real deal. It simplifies working out into something very doable for "time challenged" people. We all have run into the "logistical" problems of working out. Travel to and from gym, making sure you have your gym bag, babysitters, etc. These snafu's can easily eat up 1 hour of your precious time. With this DVD, you can do the workout right in your own home quick, fast, and in a hurry.

Moreover, it's a CHALLENGING workout!! It will have you breathing hard if you do the exercises correctly. Additionally, Rhadi's wife, Traci, also demonstrates a "scaled down" version of the workout for those of us that don't want to train as intensely as a world class judo player. There is also enough variety on the DVD so that the routine doesn't go stale easily. This DVD is a must for people that have limited time and limited resources to get a GOOD WORKOUT.
Wayne Green
Omega Psi Phi (5 - Nu Gamma Gamma -93/LM# 3511)
Princ Hall Masonic Lodge- Gibralter Lodge #19
"Working Out With Rhadi was very insightful and educational..."
I really enjoyed The Working Out With Rhadi DVD. It was very insightful and educational. Plus I never thought I could get that great of a workout without hitting the weights.
Ronnie Rusness
""I have been doing the Working Out With Rhadi exercises for about 2 weeks now and my flexibility as well as my stamina..."
I have been doing The Working Out With Rhadi exercises for about 2 weeks now and my flexibility as well as my stamina or (gas) as we like to call it in Hawaii for grappling has greatly been improved, and even my grappling partners have noticed. Even my wife has started doing the workouts with me, I've even told my friends about your website and hopefully they've taken advantage of your products as well! Thanks a lot!
Brandon Tanaka
"The workout is phenomenal!..."
Rhadi, In case you have a few readers who may be a little skeptical or on the fence when it comes to purchasing this product, let me make it easy and break it down for them. The workout is phenomenal! Not only is The Working Out With Rhadi DVD functional, but Rhadi explains each exercise in simple terms, down to what part of the body that is targeted for each movement. Additionally, the workout is quick. If someone is looking for a workout that is time effective, I cannot think of a more cost effective program on the market today.
Jason Ball
"It just doesn't get any better than this...

“With Rhadi’s bodyweight workouts, I feel younger than my calendar age in the first time in years. It really doesn't get any better than this.”

It just doesn't get any better than this. You won't find better training guidance anywhere. I've worked out with Rhadi and coached him in international competition. You won't find anyone that knows more about getting an athlete into shape. These are practical proven workouts that will fire up your metabolism and get you into better shape than you ever could achieve at some 'chrome barbell' gym.

These workouts will put the bounce back in your step and the hungry gleam in your eye. You won't hurt and move like an eighty year old all the time. You can maintain and increase your strength and power. You can manage your weight while your body not only heals from the years of abuse but becomes stronger than ever.

What I really enjoyed about the workout is that you don't need to be an athlete to benefit from "Working out with Rhadi" either. Rhadi has designed these workouts to let anyone, in any shape start working on getting healthier. You can ease into the program in the privacy of your home. Think of it, an Olympic athlete helping you get fit in your living room - no driving to the gym, no finding a sitter, just take twenty minutes and watch the results. You will feel great and

-- Stan Wentz
"Not only did your workout give me one heluva workout it also saved me time and money...."

I'm speechless. Not only did your workout give me one heluva workout it also saved me time and money. I live in Washington D.C. Here we have this dumb "alternate street parking" law. This law says you can only park on certain sides of the street on certain days. On December 28th I woke up late for the gym. It takes me 15 minutes there and 15 minutes back. Because I woke up an hour late, by the time I got back I knew all the parking spaces would be gone by my apartment. So instead of risking losing my parking space I was just gonna skip my cardio workout for the day.

Then I remembered that I had to workout. I was traveling the next couple of days and probably wouldn't be able to workout then. I had just received the Backyard workout a couple days before and gave it a try. I popped the DVD in my laptop, moved my desk and laid a towel down on my apartment floor. The next thing I know, I was sweating like I had done the Step Mill on level 20 for 30 minutes!

Fantastic workout! Now instead of waking up extra early to go to the gym to do cardio, I sleep a little later. It's so easy to just roll out of bed, pop in the DVD and get a great workout without all the hassles of going to the gym. Thanks for making my life that much easier.

- Ken Stewart

"Rhadi's got my trust now as a resource for athletic information..."
I thought the DVD was great as far as content goes, I learned a lot of really simple but effective workouts I can do just about anywhere. The editing left something to be desired, but I really don't look for fancy expensive special effects and CG, I'm all about real useful quality factual content and that's exactly what I got.

The only thing I think the Working out with Rhadi DVD was missing was back exercises. I don't follow the protocols exactly anymore, but I use a lot of the workouts in my personal program. Those windshield wiper abs workouts really got me results in the hardest places, on the sides and the lower abdominals. All in all, it was well worth the money spent.

Rhadi's got my trust now as a resource for athletic information.
I'd advise anybody who is serious about getting in better shape and not serious about buying expensive flashy 30-DVD workout sets to get a hold of this DVD
Mike Hollandsworth
"Great exercises!..."
Great exercises, I use them myself and with my clients, great stuff. Lots of unique exercises to help you stay in great shape.
Daniel Pollaccia
"the weight is coming off..."
Rhadi, I have to say that it has been fantastic the way the bodyweight workouts have helped me. I really liked the way you took the time to show how to make the exercises easier or harder depending on my condition, they are easy to learn but that is where easy ends because they do wear me out, but that has been an excellent thing because the weight is coming off and I really appreciate it. As soon as I can I'll be getting your Backyard Workout next because I could really use the information about changing my diet.Thanks for everything.
David Schlehuber
"The Working Out with Rhadi DVD is AWESOME!! ..."
The Working Out with Rhadi DVD is AWESOME!! Not only have the workouts and bonus CD enabled me to get in great shape but Rhadi is very inspiring. Its fantastic knowing you're doing the same exercises the Olympians and elite athletes use and the results speak for themselves!
Billy Toal
"This is one great workout..."
This is one great workout, gets the heart rate up, can be done anyplace no equipment needed. I had got to the point where I was bored with the weight lifting and needed to jump start my workouts. This is just what I needed.
Vincent Talese
"It looks easy on video, but when you do it with Rhadi, every part of body is worked...."
This workout is a very intense, 30 minutes or less, exercise DVD I have ever done. It looks easy on video, but when you do it with Rhadi, every part of body is worked. I am glad that I purchased this DVD.
Gregory Brown
"Sometimes it is difficult to find a partner to work out with. Not any more..."

Allow me the opportunity to provide you with a little of my background. I've been training in the martial arts for 39 years attaining black belt rank in a number of systems. Additionally, I was a Marine for seven (four active and three reserves). On top of that I've been a cop for 31 years and I'm the lead Response to Resistance/Aggression Instructor, (commonly referred to a defensive tactics) for a 300+ officer agency. I've broken and torn apart many body parts through my career.

Because I'm a little older than many of my peers, and I don't lift as heavy as I once did, I'm constantly looking for ways to improve/maintain my fitness. Body weight exercises in particular. I found Rhadi Ferguson on-line and I was impressed with his background, his knowledge and his genuine willingness to help. He knows what it takes to be a winner. I purchased The Working Out With Rhadi DVD and I've been very satisfied. Sometimes it is difficult to find a partner to work out with. Not any more...with Rhadi's DVD, my partner is always there to help keep me motivated. Thanks Mr. Ferguson.

Terry Brannon
"Rhadi's workout DVD is great. Some of the exercises I've never seen before ..."

Rhadi's workout DVD is great. Some of the exercises I've never seen before - star push ups are one of my favorites. Others are (and look) simple, the plain bread and butter, like jumping jacks and cherry pickers.

The beauty of this DVD is that it takes all those exercises into an innovative, adjustable workout. You can adjust it to your abilities, but most imporant of all, you can increase the intensity and push yourself.

The great message this DVD has is that effort is what counts. I've never seen bodyweight workouts the same after I started using this DVD.

Rhadi takes great care in the viewer's safety (indicating the necessity of proper warm outs, cool downs, minimizing impact to the joints, etc.

I don't do pure bodyweight workouts, but I take a lot of what this DVD has and mix it with my regular weight lifting routine.

I strongly suggest to get this DVD if you are interested in learning new, interesting ideas for improving your workouts.

Luis Espinal
So Here It Is "Working Out With Rhadi - The At-Home Workout"
Order Now it's FREE!